Vacuum gate valve

A vacuum gate valve comprising: a valve housing with a wall having an opening and a valve seat surrounding the opening; a valve plate in which a receptacle is formed and which has a sealing face for closing off the opening; and a valve rod disposed within the valve housing on which the valve plate is detachably mounted via a connecting segment of the valve rod engaging into the receptacle, and which via control organs is supported and adjustable in such a way that by moving the valve plate over the opening by essentially following the valve rod axis and by pressing the sealing face of the valve plate against the valve seat the opening can be closed off, where the receptacle and the connecting segment engaging into the receptacle comprise: a radial bearing segment making possible an at least partial turning of the valve plate relative to the valve rod about the valve rod axis, so that the alignment, of the valve plate about the valve rod axis will adapt to the valve seat, at least when the valve plate is pressed for a first time onto the valve seat, and a segment confining the turning angle which confines the turning made possible by the radial bearing segment to a defined angular range, so that, while the valve plate is moved over the opening, no contact will occur between the valve housing and the valve plate due to an excessive turning angle. Vacuum gate valves are used to close off an opening in a container or pipeline. Vacuum gate valves primarily of the L-type are utilized in IC and semiconductor manufacturing to exclude, to a large extent in a protected atmosphere, the presence of contaminating particles. For instance, in a production unit for semiconductor wafers or liquid-crystal substrates, the highly sensitive semiconductor or liquid-crystal elements pass through a number of production chambers each of which can be connected to the next via a connecting passage. These passages are opened via vacuum gate valves so that the elements can be transferred from one production chamber to the next and then closed again in gas-tight fashion so that continuing production steps can be performed.

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