High pressure diaphragm valves

A globe type Y-pattern diaphragm valve for high pressure, high temperature service affording increased diaphragm cycle life, enhanced flow coefficient and features of decreased construction cost. Comprising the diaphragm in one embodiment is a resiliently supported multi-layer cartridge formed of superimposed layers of different metals having different moduli of elasticity with the upper layers being radially slotted to redistribute encountered stress loads. In an alternate embodiment the multi-layer diaphragm cartridge is comprised of superimposed layers of like composition but of varying relative thicknesses and supported to afford a controlled flexure. An auxiliary porting in the discharge passage adjacent the valve head in combination with a downstream tapered and faired beltway effects a more nearly streamlined flow path to increase the flow coefficient rating of the valve. By means of a multi-purpose packing gland identically threaded both inside and out, the gland is able to also function as a stem bushing enabling a comparatively inexpensive bar stock bonnet construction to be employed. In a diaphragm type valve including a valve body, a flow passage defined in said body between an inlet and an outlet, a valve seat defined in said passage, a closure disc adapted to cooperate with said seat for opening and closing said passage to fluid flow, a bonnet secured to said body and a stem extending through a bore in said bonnet for operatively moving said closure disc relatively toward and away from said seat, diaphragm means for maintaining a seal-tight relation between said passage and said stem and comprising: a multi-layer flexible stack of load bearing independent metal layers positioned in said body intervening between said closure disc and said stem effecting separation thereof with some of said layers being of a different metal composition than others of said layers; and support means securing said stack in seal-tight relation to said body.

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2011-12-29 04:59