Globe valve construction

The valve construction comprises a valve housing which has a housing flow passage therethrough and an intermediate spherical valve chamber in the passage. A pivot member which has concentric end journal portions is rotatably mounted in the housing and has an intermediate eccentric portion which is offset from the end journal portions and is located in the valve chamber. A spherically shaped globe valve member having a valve flow passage therethrough opening at respectively diametrically opposite ends of the valve member is rotatably supported on the eccentric portion which extends through diametrically opposite walls of the globe valve member which has an axis at right angles to the axis of the valve flow path. A dog carried on the globe valve member projects outwardly therefrom into a groove of the housing and limits the movement of the globe valve member relative to the pivot to 90°. The valve is opened by pivoting the pivot member to cause a pin which is carried on the globe member to ride in a 90° arcuate groove defined in the pivot member and without rotating the globe member. Thereat, the pin bears against the end of the arcuate groove of the pivot member so that the valve member and the pivot member rotate together, positioned in the passages in the valve globe in alignment with the passages in the valve housing. This also causes a ball member which is arranged in a recess of the pivot and biased outwardly by a spring to ride into a notch of the valve globe member. Return of the pivot in an opposite direction causes the ball which is engaged in a notch to cause movement of the valve globe member to a closed position at which its flow passage therethrough is not aligned with the flow passage of the housing once again. In the closed position the spherical surfaces of the valve globe member are also urged against an angular sealing member which is carried on a ring which is biased in a direction toward the valve globe member at one end of the housing flow passage. This displacement of the valve globe member is accomplished by the eccentricity of the pivot on which it is supported.

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