Model FLX-Flrced Circulating Pump


Model FLX-Flrced Circulating Pump
Model FLX-Flrced Circulating Pump

Model FLX-series slurry circulation pump is a key matching equipment for evaporative condensation cycle of primary and secondary slurries in the project of 30,000-240,000 ton/Y triammonium phosphate. The pump is featured with high efficiency, good cavitation performance, etc. It is an optimumi product for replacing imported equipment. At the same time, the pump is widely used in the fields of chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, paper-making, etc.
According to the corrosiveness of conveyed medium, the user can choose different corrosion -resistant materials.

Description Of Structure.

The pump is made up of pump body, blade wheel, pump cover, auxiliary blade wheel, middle bracket, bearing box parts, shaft of the pump, coupler, etc. With combination of movable seal and static seal, it is guaranteed that the pump has good reliability.

Table Of Property Parameters

Model m3/hCapaCity mhead r/minSpeed KWMotorPower
FLX350 110 8 980 55-75
FLX400 180 8 750 90