Self-Priming Sewage Pumps

Self-Priming Sewage Pumps
Self-Priming Sewage Pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter 25 - 250
  2. Flow Rate (Q) 8 - 400 (m3/h)
  3. Lift Head (H) 15 - 60 (m)
  4. Power Consumption 1.5 - 55 (kw)
  5. Particle Size Tolerance 15 - 150 (mm)
  6. Fiber Length Tolerance 120 - 1,000 (mm)

Features And Applications

The Series ZW self-priming sewage pumps are developed based on the combination of Remy's Series ZX self-priming pumps and the Series QW sewage pumps. The pump possesses the advantages from the two original products: self-priming and the ability of handling liquids containing big solid particles, long fibers or other pollutants. The pumps are particularly suitable for pumping the industrial garbage such as mining slurry and the municipal sewage. The self-priming pumps are easy to install, remove and operate with the stable operating performance.