Outlet Diameter 25 - 200
Flow Rate (Q) 8 - 300 (m3/h)
Lift Head (H) 7 - 35 (m)
Power Consumption 0.75 - 37 (kw)
Particle Size Tolerance 15 - 80 (mm)
Fiber Length Tolerance 150 - 1,000 (mm)

Features And Applications

he Series GW / LW / YW non-clogging sludge pumps have been developed with the current advanced technologies at home and abroad. The products are equipped with the special single-channel impeller and two sets of hard alloy dynamic seals and possess the features of non-clogging, long life expectancy, high efficiency and energy saving. The Series GW in-line non-clogging sludge pumps are applicable to both the forced water transportation and the process of sludge / slurries containing big particles and fibers. The pumps are widely employed in the chemical, textile, pharmaceutical and waste recycling industries. The Series LW vertical non-clogging sludge pumps are able to operate either movably or at a fixed site, suitable for sludge pumping of civil engineering projects and business buildings. They can also serve as pulp pumps or be used for irrigation. With either single line or double line models, the Series YW submersible non-clogging sludge pumps can be mounted in a water tank or pool so that the pump body locates under liquid. The pumps are used for domestic waste water drainage, slurry pumping in construction sites, underground sewage drainage and discharging industrial sewage containing big solids.