Single-Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump

I Summary For Screw Pump

Single-stage single suction centrifugal pump
Single-stage single suction centrifugal pump

GNF Screw pump is a new type transporting liquids machine which has advantages such as simple structure, sage and reliable operation, convenience usage and repair, continuum and level liquids discharging, stable pressure. The metal spare parts contacted with medium are made up of perfect stainless acid-endure steel, sleeve is made up of no poison no smell latex, operating temperature can reach 120℃. Remy GNF Screw pump has advantages such as rotten preserve, acid endure and oil endure, especially transporting apiece density food slurry. Otherwise, it can transport no containing solid grain or gel liquor, slurry, hanging liquid, glue whose density is between 1cp and 1000000cp in chemical, petro-chemical and sewage dealing process.

II Operating Performance Table For Screw Pum

Model Capacity Q head H
Power N(kW)
Entrance diameter

M3/h L/S Shaft power Motor power
GNF29-4 1.5 0.42 45 960 0.98 1.5 42 5 32 Y100L-6
GNF40-2 8 2.2 45 960 2.18 3 50 5 50 Y132S-6
GNF64-4 20 5.6 45 960 6.66 11 50 5 100 Y160L-6