Vortex Pumps

Vortex Pumps
Vortex Pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter 32 - 65
  2. Flow Rate (Q) 2.88 - 14.4 (m3/h)
  3. Lift Head (H) 30 - 75 (m)
  4. Power Consumption 1.5 - 10 (kw)
  5. Suction (Hs) 3.5 - 6 (m)

Features And Applications

The Series W vortex pumps are single-stage direct-coupled vertex pumps. The pumps are featured with simple structure, small size, less weight, higher head and less flow capacity. The vortex pumps are suitable for pumping clear water and water-like liquids at temperature below 60. The pumps are widely used in the fields of shipbuilding, textile, chemical, metallurgical and machinery industries as well as aquaculture, firefighter services, heat exchanging, and long distance irrigation.