Metering Pumps

Metering Pumps
Metering Pumps
  1. Diaphragm Pumps - Flow Rate: up to 4,000 L/h.
  2. Cylinder pumps - Presure: up to 180 bar.
  3. Plunger pumps - Presure: up to 100 bar.
  4. Metal diaphragm Pumps - Pressure: up to 300 bar.
  5. Magnetic diaphragm Pumps - Flow rate: up to 35 L/h.
  6. Automatic air Pumps - Flow rate: up to 9 L/h.
  7. Automatic dosing pumps - With built-in automatic dosing units.
  8. Dosing units - With automatic control system and generator of chlorine dioxide.
  9. Metal diaphragm compressors - Pressure: up to 500 bar; Flow range: 0.5 - 100 NM3/h.
  10. Accessories - Diaphragm back pressure valves; safety valves; pulse dampers, etc.

Features And Applications

Headquartered in Immenhausen, Germany, SERA (Seybert & Rahier GmbH + Co Betriebs-KG) was founded in 1945. SERA is one of the largest pump manufacturers in Germany with a reputation for quality and reliability. They have 12 domestic subsidiaries and more than 30 international representatives throughout the world. SERA provides dosing pumps, liquid transfer pumps, dosing units, and diaphragm compressors. As vibration or peristaltic pumps, SERA's dosing pumps and liquid transfer pumps are featured with high safety and accuracy, which are essential to reducing chemicals consumption and pollution. The long life expectancy of SERA's products is due to careful selection of materials for flowing path surface of pumps. Remy Pumps and Valves is the authorized representative in Asia to distribute metering pumps produced by SERA. Remy is delighted to help you select proper products for your business.