QFF3 Blance Valve

QFF3 Blance Valve
QFF3 Blance Valve
Structure of QFF3 Blance Valve
Structure of QFF3 Blance Valve

QFF3 blance valve materials for main parts

Part name BODY Stem Base PACKING Packing bonnet Hand wheel
QFF3-160-DN5 Carbon steel Cr,Stainless steel PTEF,Soft graphite Carbon steel High grade
carbon steel
QFF3-320P-DN5 Cr,Ni Stainless steel Cr,Stainless steel Cr,Ni Stainless steel Stainless steel

QFF3 blance valve chief Property and specification

Type Nominal Pressure PS(MPa)Test pressure Working Pressure (°C)
Working Temperature
Shell Seal Seal
QFF3-320-DN5 32.0 48.0 35.2 0.6 32.0 P=540°C Petroleum gas Water,
Asic,Steam, Oil etc.

QFF3 blance valve main external and connecting dimensions(mm)

DN(mm) Dimensions (Kg)
Type Nominal diameter L1 D1 Do H H1 L2 Weight
QFF3-320-DN5 5 200 14 65 234 260 54 3.8