WF-3 5-Valve Manifolds

WF-3 5-Valve manifolds feature and application

WF-3 5-Valve Manifolds consist of two pressure-taking valve, one balance valve and two exhaust, washing and checking valve, can be fixed in the pulsion tubing of the flow metering gauge that is required to convey far away. It's convenient to establish the gauge control return. The two exhaust valve can drain away any corrosive fluid without moving the gauge.

WF-3 5-Valve manifolds diagram and connecting dimensions

WF-3 5-Valve Manifolds pic 1
Structure of WF-3 5-Valve Manifolds pic 2
WF-3 5-Valve Manifolds pic 3

WF-3 5-Valve manifolds technic date and material

No. PN DN(mm) Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 20MPa 5 -20~440 35#
2 -70~240 321 S.S.
3 40MPa -20~440 35#
4 -70~240 321 S.S.