Remote-Mount Manifold

EF-2 2-Valve manifold feature and application

EF-2 2-Valve Manifold integrated cut-off, adjusting and exhaust settings, which have compact structure and reduced leaking point. EF-2 2-Valve Manifold has two female thread interfaces, can be applied to installation of pressure gage, pressure transducer or pressure switch. its interfaces thread can be instead by RC or G etc thread according to the customer's requirements. If the welding joint is needed, please mark it out when make an order.

EF-2 2-Valve manifold diagram and connecting dimensions

EF-2 2-Valve Manifold pic 1
Structure of EF-2 2-Valve Manifold pic 2
Structure of EF-2 2-Valve Manifold pic 3

EF-2 2-Valve manifold technical date and material

No. PN inlet outlet Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 20MPa NPT1/2
-20~240℃ 20
2 -70~240℃ 321 S.S.
3 40MPa -20~240℃ 20
4 -70~240℃ 321 S.S.