QFF3 3-Valve Manifolds

QFF3 3-Valve manifold feature and application

QFF3 3-Valve Manifold is consists of High,low pressure valves and the balance valve, applied with the pressure-difference transducer to form a complete set. its function is to open or shut off the passage between the positive ,negative measuring room of the pressure-difference transducer and the leading pressure point or positive ,negative measuring room. Leading and transporting pressure points connect with the steel piped directly ,by welding connection or other way.

QFF3 3-Valve manifold diagram and connecting dimensions

QFF3 3-Valve Manifold pic 1
Structure of QFF3 3-Valve Manifold pic 2
QFF3 3-Valve Manifold pic 3

QFF3 3-Valve manifold feature and application

No. PN DN(mm) Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 16 5 -20~440 20#
2 -70~240 321 S.S.