Series Xbd-Dl Fire Pump

Series XBD-DL Fire pump
Series XBD-DL Fire pump
  1. Outlet Diameter 50 - 200
  2. Stage 2 - 10
  3. Flow Rate (Q) 14.4 - 410 (m3/h)
  4. Total Lift Head (H) 17 - 220 (m)
  5. Power Consumption 3 - 200 (kw)

Features And Applications

The Series XBD pumps are designed and developed based on Remy's vertical Multistage Pumps for the fire service. Advantages of smaller size, less weight, longer designed service life and reduced vibration and noise make the pump a superior choice for emergency services professionals. The Series XBD pumps are particularly suitable to be used for firefighter water supply in the industrial, commercial and residential areas. The pumps are also widely used for other high-pressure water supplies such as for high-rise buildings, boilers and power wash business.